Friday, November 28
*4 to 6 pm*
in Sidney Smith Hall 2125, 100 St. George Street M5S 3G3

Tings Chak
No One is Illegal/author of Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention

Nasrin Himada
Université de Montréal/editor of Scapegoat: Landscape/Architecture/Political Economy

Brett Story
University of Toronto/director of The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

Moderator: Ayesha Basit, University of Toronto/No One Is Illegal

NotwithstandingUndocumented_Cell the global rhetoric of smooth flows of all kinds, the spatial fix of incarceration directed at the wretched of the earth has become an increasingly ignoble symptom of contemporary capitalism and its manifold crises. Accordingly, this Intersections event confronts the problem of incarceration through the work of three activists / artists / writers: Tings Chak, Nasrin Himada and Brett Story. While dealing with the architecture, geographies and in/visibility of this brute phenomenon, their presentations will address the professional-ethical role of architects, planners and other experts in the inter/national apparatus of human confinement and also discuss the ongoing political struggles against incarceration.

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