Presents “Corporate Science”, a talk based on his new book Mining Capitalism: The Relations Between Corporations and Their Critics.

Friday, October 24Kirschvegetation dieback ok tedi
3 to 5 pm
in University College (UC) 140


This presentation examines how corporations strategically produce and deploy science. Building on critiques of tobacco industry sponsored science and the research practices of the pharmaceutical industry, it draws on long-term ethnography of the mining industry to argue that the problems associated with corporate science are intrinsic to contemporary capitalism rather than restricted to particular firms or industries.


Stuart Kirsch is an anthropologist who works in the Pacific and the Amazon on indigenous politics and environmental issues. He is professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan. Kirsch is the author of Reverse Anthropology: Indigenous Analysis of Social and Environmental Relations in New Guinea (Stanford 2006) and the recent Mining Capitalism: The Relationship between Corporations and their Critics (California 2014). He has also consulted widely on indigenous rights and environmental problems, work that is the subject of his current project on engaged anthropology.

For more: Stuart Kirsch’s website.

 Co-sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and the Development Seminar

** Stuart Kirsch will be leading a workshop on “The Politics of Engaged Research” on Thursday, October 23. For more information, please visit the Development Seminar’s event page.**

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