Technology as Keyword                                                  Scott Kirsch


While for centuries technology referred to a systematic study of the ‘practical arts’ — typically a technical manual or a kind of book — its usage has expanded dramatically so that today we think nothing of the same word being used to describe a massive hydro-power dam, a set of methods for building the dam, or the means of communication for a youth-based social movement against the dam; a specific piece of machinery or mechanical object or the totality of all of our collective means and capabilities. Through a materialist keyword approach to the career of technology, in this talk I raise questions about what it means to think of things, processes, and relations as technological, and explore implications of the idea of technology — understood in terms of its integrative, meaning-making, cultural work — for the histories and geographies that we produce.

Friday, September 12
3 to 5 pm
SS 2125

For more of Scott Kirsch’s work:


UNC-Chapel Hill faculty page


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