A collaborative event between the City Institute, York University and the Department of Geography & Program in Planning, University of Toronto

Wednesday 20 May
10 am to 2 pm
Sidney Smith Hall, Room 5017A

Background: In November 2014 we held the first workshop at York University and discussed Lefebvre’s Urban Revolution, Brenner’s “Theses on Urbanization” and Brenner and Schmid’s  “The Urban Age in Question”. Professor Stefan Kipfer provided an opening orienting talk returning to Lefebvre’s work to raise questions about thinking the urban in our actuality.  The series will continue to engage with this topic in the spirit of dialogue that clarifies and strengthens our understandings of urbanization. The reading group will also aim to offer critical interventions that emphasize queer, feminist, and anti-racist perspectives. After a third workshop in Fall 2015 we will conclude the series with a visit from Neil Brenner and Christian Schmid to discuss their new developments on the topic.

The upcoming workshop on May 20th will delve more deeply into some of the themes and ideas raised last fall. In this workshop we will endeavour to grapple with a small number of key ideas defining emergent writings on planetary urbanization.

Readings for this workshop include:

 Neil Brenner and Christian Schmid, Forthcoming, “Towards a New Epistemology of the Urban?”, City.

Neil Brenner (ed.), 2014, Implosions/Explosions: Towards a Study of Planetary Urbanization, Berlin: Jovis, chapters 1-4.


Please contact Travis Bost to access the reading packet.

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