Thursday 16 April
1 to 5 pm
in SS 2125

Join us this Thursday for an AAG practice session — all are welcome in the audience to support our colleagues! Refreshments will be served. 30 minutes are allocated to each presenter to ensure time for transition between speakers, questions, and feedback.

1.00-1.30     Austin Zwick
The persistence of impoverished neighbourhoods in Rust Belt Cities

1.30-2.00     Andrew Merrill
Spectral Songdo: ‘Absent presents,’ imaginaries, materialities and the urban edge of the virtual

2.00-2.30     Neil Nunn
A settler-scholar’s reflections on decoloniality and the limits of geographical thought

2.30-3.00     Nicole Latulippe
Fishing for compliment: indigenous and critical perspectives in Lake Nipissing fisheries management

3.00-3.30     Elizabeth Lord
Consuming the countryside? Environmental policies in the Qinling Mountains

3.30-4.00     Elsie Lewison
Locating value in high value agriculture: apple-led development in Jumla, Nepal

4.00-4.30    Bryan Dale
From ‘no place’ to ‘food from somewhere’: food sovereignty, climate justice and utopia

4.30-5.00    Isabel Urrutia
Food waste from food literate households in Waterloo, Ontario

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