Thoughts on the Future of Energy Conservation in Ontario

Friday, 27 March
** 4 to 6 pm **
in SS 2125

This lecture will be based on Peter’s more than 30 years of experience in energy policy with a focus on energy efficiency.  This has included managing voluntary high performance programs, advocacy for legislation/regulations, leading the province’s Conservation Bureau and teaching energy efficiency policy at the university level.  Peter will share some of his lessons learned and provide his thoughts on the future of energy conservation in Ontario.  Peter did his undergraduate degree at U of T, was a Teaching Assistant in Environmental Studies, got his MBA and most recently the Institute of Corporate Directors Diploma, taught at Rotman School of Business.

Peter Love is Chief Energy Conservation Officer at Summerhill (A leader in energy efficiency programs he co-founded), President of the Energy Services Association of Canada (an advocacy organization he also co-founded), Adjunct Professor at York University where he teaches courses on energy efficiency and serves on several corporate and non-profit boards. In 2005, he was appointed Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation Officer. Earlier in his career, he worked with Pollution Probe to develop the 3Rs: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

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