A special Intersections talk and film screening:

This special Intersections event is preceded by JOYNT & MITCHELL: A Depth of Field Screening featuring 5 short films by Chase Joynt & Alexis Mitchell introduced by John Greyson and presented by the York University Film Program on *Thursday 26 February* at 8 pm at Cinecycle: see the Facebook event for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1563524070566189


Chase Joynt & Alexis Mitchell

Friday, 27 February
3 to 5 pm
in SS 2125


This presentation will include a screening of our short video STEALTH, which engages objects as a way in which to talk about the experiences of gender-non-conforming bodies in medicalized spaces. By merging hidden camera footage from a patient’s hysterectomy, with interviews of the objects used in these procedures and spaces, STEALTH poignantly and humorously mobilizes ‘sousveillance’ to subvert the perspective of surveilling machinery. Through a triangulation of corporeal, medical and military technologies, STEALTH provocatively points to previously unexplored histories and relationships between inanimate objects and human bodies. By focusing on the objects in the spaces rather than the bodies themselves, the project consciously subverts various tropes of trans representation and ontological formation by asking what we might learn if we move our attention away from the obvious, and focus instead on the subtle, mundane, or straightforward aspects of the spaces we inhabit. Through a shift in focus, STEALTH unearths militarized and oppressive histories of the objects and machinery used in medical environments, and points to the often overlooked, but simultaneously obvious violence that occurs in between the patient and the operating table.


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