Representational Rhetorics: Understanding dispossession in Papua New Guinea

Friday 16 October
2 – 4 pm 
AP 246, 19 Russell Street

West’s colloquium will be based on her forthcoming book, Representational Rhetorics: Ideology, Accumulation, and Dispossession in the Melanesian Pacific. The talk will examine some of the ways in which inequalities are produced, lived, and reinforced in today’s globalized world, and show how representational strategies with regard to Papua New Guinea are complex acts of dispossession and carefully crafted accumulation strategies as well as ideologically grounded attempts to persuade and motivate. The talk argues that there are racist logics of representation that underlie all uneven development and that Papua New Guinea is one of the places where, if we examine the various representational strategies we see there every day, we can begin to develop a more robust understanding of the ideological work that underpins the differential economic climates that capital needs for its constant regeneration.

This Anthropology Colloquium event is co-sponsored by Intersections.

Please RSVP to the Anthropology Colloquium to ensure sufficient space and refreshments for this event:

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