Sharlene Mollett, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Geography, Centre for Critical Development Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough

 Friday.  30.Sep.2016.

3:00-5:00pm.  SS2125, 100 St. George Street

Tea. Coffee. Cookies.

Professor Sharlene Mollett’s wide-ranging research deals with critical development geography, race and racialization, feminist political ecology, property rights, political ecology, biodiversity, Indigenous and Afro-descendant land struggles, postcolonial geographies, Indigenous feminisms, feminist theory, feminist methods, ethnographic methods and gender and land rights with a focus on Latin America, Honduras and Panama. At the Association of American Geographers conference in San Francisco on March 31, 2016, she delivered the Jan Monk Distinguished Lecture, a distinction ‘awarded to a prominent scholar who has made significant contributions to feminist geography’. Professor Mollett’s Intersections presentation will be based on that Lecture, which will be published in the journal Gender, Place & Culture.

Intersections: Lectures, etc., Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto

Co-sponsored by Development Seminar, University of Toronto


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