The Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav) in Water Quality Study and Precision Farming

Dr. Chuiqing Zeng, Carleton University

Friday. 14.Oct.2016 1:00-2:00pm

SS1085. 100 St. George Street.

Tea. Coffee. Cookies.


The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology was rapidly developed during the last decade, with increasing applications in many industries. There are two driving factors that mainly propel UAV applications in Earth observation and Geoscience: the largely improved performance, stability, and accessibility of the consumer-level UAVs, as well as the miniaturization and enhancement of sensors/instruments to be mounted on such UAVs. UAV applications in Geoscience, however, are still largely limited by immature data acquisition approaches and scarce industry-specific data process flows.

This talk will introduce industry-specific UAV data acquisition and processing techniques. Specifically I will provide examples of how UAV technology is being used to estimate water quality in rivers and lakes, and how UAV platforms are employed to assist farmers’ agricultural practice. Apart from the technical presentation, I will also share interesting stories during UAV flights and beautiful scenes of our nature, and discuss the challenges to UAV applications up in the air.

Intersections: Lectures, etc. Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto


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