Does Your City Need a Metro? The Case Study of Tel Aviv

Nir Sharav

, Department of Civil Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Wednesday.  19.Oct.2016.  12:00-1:00pm.

SS5017. 100 St. George Street

Tea. Coffee. Cookies.

The Israeli government prepared a new strategic transport plan for the Tel Aviv metropolitan area that focuses on public transport as the basis for the metropolitan future mobility. Tel Aviv is the largest metropolitan in Israel and is the home of 3.6 million people, accounting for 43% of the population in Israel. The plan aims to attract passengers to public transport by providing supreme, reliable and attractive service. The presentation describes the plan for an extended integrated mass transit in Tel Aviv, the strategic goals set by the government and an interesting comparison of the previous plan, based on light rail technology, to the new strategic plan, based on combined service of metro and LRT technology.

Nir Sharav is a transportation specialist who advises the Israeli Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance. He specializes in transport economics modeling and finance, transport policy and strategic transport planning, fare policy, and transport research. Nir directed the Public Transport Strategic Plan project for the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance (2012), a major research and policy project. Nir directed several strategic transport plans, including the strategic plan for Israel rail network 2040 (2015-2016), the Jerusalem mass transit network (2014), the Haifa mass transit (2015) and the Tel Aviv public transport strategic plan 2040-2060 (2015-2016). Nir has B.Sc. degree in mathematics and MBA (finance and operations research) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He currently works on Ph.D. thesis in transport planning and economics in the department of civil engineering in the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

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University of Toronto

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