Symbolic Capital and the Remaking of the City: Revisiting the Role of Artists in Gentrification

by Norma Rantisi, Professor, Department of Planning, Geography and Environment, Concordia University

Friday.  11.Nov.2016.

3:00-5:00pm.  SS2125.

100 St. George Street

Toronto    ON M5S 3G3

Tea. Coffee. Cookies.

Professor Norma Rantisi, co-chair of Planners Network and an editor of Progressive Planning, is the John Bousfield Distinguished Visitor in Planning of the Program in Planning at the University of Toronto in fall 2016. Her current work focuses on the socio-spatial organization of circus arts and apparel industries in Montreal as well as neoliberal governance and prospects for equitable development in cities and regions. She is also developing a new research project on Palestinian women’s artisanal cooperatives, in relation to her general interests in economy, society, space and planning. Professor Rantisi’s Bousfield Lecture will address–in the context of Mile End in Montreal–the often contradictory role that artists play in ‘creative neighbourhoods’, not only in the process of gentrification but also in struggles against it.    

John Bousfield Distinguished Visitorship in Planning+ Intersections: Lectures, etc., Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto

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