Friday, November 24, 2017 | 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Xinyue Ye

Kent State University

Sidney Smith Hall – SS2125 (map)

Modelling Network and Flow Using Big Data in an Interdisciplinary Context

The research agenda in socioeconomic dynamics has been substantially transformed and redefined in light of big data. Aggregate spatial inequality can be examined through the perspective of human dynamics at the finer scale such as systems of networks and flows. Four recent methodological advances in NSF projects will be introduced: “Spatiotemporal Modeling of Human Dynamics across Social Media and Social Networks”, “Support Community-Scale Intervention Initiatives by Visually Mining Social Media Trajectory Data”, “A Cloud-based Visual Analytics Software System to Advance Transportation Studies Using Emerging Urban Trajectory Data”, and “GeoVisuals Software: Capturing, Managing, and Utilizing Geospatial Multimedia Data for Collaborative Field Research”. These projects facilitate spatial data science for social equity studies through integrating human dynamics and spatial inequality research in an interdisciplinary context. In addition, these new advances are reflected in the effective open-source software for data retrieval, integration, analysis, and visualization of network and flow data.


Xinyue Ye is an associate professor of Geography at Kent State University where he directs computational social science lab. He is specialized in developing and implementing new spatiotemporal analysis methods to model inequality, network and flow. He is President of The International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Science (CPGIS) (2016-17). With a group of scholars across disciplines, he has received four grants from the National Science Foundation in the past four years to develop spatial social network analytics and urban computing. His research was published in top-tier journals, such as Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Cartography and Geographic Information Science, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, Environment and Planning B, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, and Landscape and Urban Planning.


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