Friday, March 16, 2018 | 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Shelagh Pizey-Allen (TTC Riders), 
Jared Colb (Cycle Toronto), 
Dylan Reid (Walk Toronto), 
Tim Ross (University of Toronto), 
Ben Spurr (The Toronto Star)

Sidney Smith Hall – SS5017A (100 St. George Street)

The Right to Move : Mobilizing for Change Across Transport Modes  


In a city where the car is king, non-automobile infrastructures (e.g. cycling, mass transit, pedestrian) are frequently underfunded, stigmatized, unsafe, and inadequate. This situation leaves many—particularly already marginalized populations—unable to go about their everyday activities and contributes to stark inequalities in who can move, where, and how. Given that the capacity to move through the city is necessary to access a wide range of opportunities and services, denial of movement can be an effective denial of citizens’ right to the city. This panel brings together a variety of mobility activists and experts to discuss better ways of moving through the city,  greater citizen power in decision-making, and more robust transport options. It seeks to build a conversation around mobility justice broadly conceived, and to share best practices for organizing and lobbying the city for progressive and democratic change.

Co-organized by Theresa Enright, Department of Political Science, and Anna Kramer, Department of Geography and Planning



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