Negotiating Against Expensification

Sidney Smith Hall, Room SS5017 | 100 St. George Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 3G3 (map)

Panel Discussion moderated by Felicity Campbell and Helen Ketema, with panellists:

Troy Budhu (Toronto Community Benefits Network)

Mimi Lau (Golden Mile Impact Project)

Emily Paradis (Build a Better Bloor-Dufferin)

Mercedes Sharpe Zayas (Parkdale People’s Economy)

Clara Stewart-Robertson (Jane Finch Centre)

With city plans for intensification near ‘higher-order’ transit, redevelopment pressure is directed to streets with existing commercial and residential affordability. We’ve invited community workers and activists to share strategies for negotiating benefits and affordability in transit-oriented redevelopments. Focusing on four hotspots – Eglinton’s Golden Mile, Bloor and Dufferin, Parkdale, and Finch West – we consider the potential and limitations of securing affordability for existing residents and newcomers alike through a development-driven approach to community benefits.

Transportation-CriticalPlanning_Update_Transport - Critical Planning

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