Murray Richardson

Ecosystem Sensitivity to Atmospheric Mercury Pollution in Canada Friday, 28 November *3 to 5 pm* in PGB (Physical Geography Building), room 101 Mercury (Hg) pollution from diffuse atmospheric sources is an ongoing concern in many regions of Canada, but aquatic ecosystems vary widely in their sensitivity to Hg deposition. That is, foodweb bioaccumulation and biomagnification […]

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The Architecture of Incarceration | The Incarceration of Architecture

  Friday, November 28 *4 to 6 pm* in Sidney Smith Hall 2125, 100 St. George Street M5S 3G3 Tings Chak No One is Illegal/author of Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention Nasrin Himada Université de Montréal/editor of Scapegoat: Landscape/Architecture/Political Economy Brett Story University of Toronto/director of The Prison in Twelve Landscapes Moderator: Ayesha Basit, University of Toronto/No One […]

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